Reinstall + Satellites

Hello, I had to reinstall my server where my SNO is running on. So I lost all Storj Data but started with the same identity.
How bad is this? Will my node be disqualified?

How do I check my getting prozess? I were 25% done over all Satellites but I am no longer sure how it is now. The script from the forum reports:

Fetching satellite audits stat information. Please wait…
Sat ID: :
Unrecoverable Failed Audits: 0
Recoverable Failed Audits: 2
Successful Audits: 0


You are better off starting new node since you lost all data. Did you figure out how you lost it?

Yes I did and I corrected it. I guess it will not happen again.
Still traffic is coming in way faster than in the beginning. Sure I have to start new? What will happen to my payments?

Yes you have to start a new node.
Since you Lost all data all audits Will fail and tour node Will be dq,d.
Bettter to start fresh

That really sucks but I guess there is no other way…

you might be able to gracefully exit once it is implemented if the downtime disqualification is still disabled at that point. But that’s just a tiny piece of hope for your hold back payment.

Graceful exit involves sending your node’s data to the network but IMO losing data won’t help SNO in graceful exit.


Right of course, sorry. Unless all his data is wiped from the network by the time :smiley: Then there’s nothing to upload xD

I thought it could repair your data and use your funds that are being held to repair the data that is missing depending on how much data you actually lost. I mean probably not an entire loss but if you did loose some data it could be repaired.

No it uses your funds to pay those operators that need to upload the pieces you lost to different nodes.

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