Reinstalled storage node for more memory - suspension & audit at 0%

Hey everyone.

So I installed the storage node without issue but was not aware you couldn’t add storage later.
I ran the installer again to remove the program & deleted the storj folder in appdata/roaming & the program folder.
I then tried to reinstall using the same files, when the node came online I noticed the suspension & audit had gone from 100% to 0%

I assumed I needed a fresh identity key so I generated a new one & started again.
Deleted both folders etc.

This time after installation I can see a new node id # but I’m getting the same 0% in suspension & audit.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

You should use the original identity. If you generate a new identity you start from scratch.

Hello, @Dirty_Underpants i also faced a simmilar issue and i understood that the identity is attached to the data. So if you wanted to use the old data you should keep the old identity, and if you will use a new one, you should also wipe out the data from your disk. (And that means clean the folder that you have specified to be used by storj)

@Dirty_Underpants Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Well you can always expand the number of TB you’re allocating to Storj as long as it’s on the same disk.

If you need to add more disks, then you can simply start a second node (with its own identity) attached to this new disk.

I don’t see any scenario were you would need to start from scratch just for expanding the storage you want to share to the network.