Release preparation v1.65

New release candidate v1.65 is deployed on QA Satellite and ready for tests



  • 90eded4 satellite/gc/bloomfilter: take CreationDate from latest segment
  • 9b520b2 satellite/metabase: expose ConvertNodesToAliases and ConvertAliasesToNodes
  • 71bf43b web/satellite: fix invalid access of Stripe card input element
  • a3a3ffd satellite/payments/stripecoinpayments: update invoicing to use credit note
  • 7788170 satellite/metabase: ListObjects
  • e6b5501 satellite/gc/sender: new service to send retain filters
  • c3ca98f satellite/gc/bloomfilter: minor cleanups
  • 8422c39 web/satellite: don’t download the whole object for preview
  • cc39727 satellite/metabase: test list pending versioned objects
  • 4e71dd3 satellite/{metainfo,metabase}: prepare feature flag MultipleVersions
  • 07c337f web/satellite: resolve issues with registration form resubmission
  • d6c7aa9 web/satellite: fix billing history table styling
  • 01735c8 web/satellite: the date picker is currently excluding the end date.
  • c210776 satellite/{metabase, metainfo}: merge logic for BeginCopyObject and BeginMoveObject
  • a22e6bd satellite/gc/bloomfilter: use int64 to count pieces
  • f83652e web/satellite: slight refactoring of new billing screen
  • b7ae52f web/satellite: add captcha verification to forgot password form
  • 70eda67 satellite/metabase: don’t count objects for loop
  • 7d0885b satellite/repair: move over audit.Pieces
  • 289daf6 satellite/metainfo: close project while testing
  • 7f1cad6 satellite/repair: better handling of piece fetch errors
  • 0b468ac satellite/payments/storjscan/storjscan.go: change default block confirmations
  • 3c4b2cb satellite/console/service.go: return billing balance as USD value
  • 6ee3993 satellite/gc: e2e gc test
  • 7c809e2 satellite/metabase: test list objects with version >1
  • 1aecca1 satellite/repair/checker: tiny cleanup
  • 41c2bca satellite/{console,metainfo,satellitedb}: add projectdb method GetSalt
  • 9b172cb web/satellite: allow multiple create of multiple access types
  • d2a67fb satellite/gc/sender: concurrency
  • d8fb082 satellite/console: create project salt endpoint on satellite web server
  • 88328ab satellite/payments/billing/billing.go: change default loop interval
  • a97cd97 satellite/orders: remove unused service dependency
  • f581297 satellite/metabase: copy handles version when overwriting target location
  • 2b2b6d2 satellite/admin/ui: use a valid go.mod stub
  • 77357f9 satellite/{accounting,redis}: Use ARGV in redis scripts
  • 802ff18 satellite/audit: better handling of piece fetch errors
  • 02924d0 satellite/metainfo: temporary feature flag for listing query testing
  • 94c5aaf satellite/analytics: Added analytics for user behavior on Billing page (#5205)
  • 766efad web/satellite: added server-side encryption step for create S3 creds flow


  • a848c29 storagenode/nodestats: add monkit metrics for reputation scores
  • 07beef3 storagenode/collector: delete expired piece info if file does not exist
  • 5572a79 web/{storagenode,multinode}: Upgrade to Vue 2.7


  • a32619c private/testplanet: benchmark with testplanet


  • 9e2a571 cmd/uplink: restore explicit share expiry
  • 5774399 cmd/uplink: bump clingy
  • fa4af92 cmd/uplink: improve cp behavior
  • 929642b cmd/uplink: remove io/ioutil


  • 6127f46 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add logic for iterating over segments
  • 507b099 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add monitoring / error
  • cd81c5b cmd/tools/segment-verify: add csv writer
  • a3d9630 scripts: move tests to separate folders
  • 8529a16 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add verifier
  • 0809ae7 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add main
  • cf50696 cmd/tools/segment-verify: wire up overlay logic
  • 5150ee5 mod: bump
  • 8b527f2 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add throttling
  • 0e99f7a cmd/tools/segment-verify: add loading of priority nodes
  • 0bfaadc cmd/tools/segment-verify: fixes and more tests
  • f98d551 cmd/tools/segment-verify: test service
  • fe85fef ci: add check-downgrades checks
  • a8edeb7 web: create valid go.mod stubs
  • 8069973 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add failure tests
  • 352e937 scripts: add changelog to release draft (#4791)
  • 182b94a docs/blueprints: design doc for changes needed to allow for scaling audit workers
  • bda2e67 use python2 for draft release (#5216)

Much appreciated. Any info on why this was happening in the first place?