Release preparation v1.69

Last time this tread was created too late, so this time earlier
Release version v1.69 are deployed to QA Satellite
Everyone is invited for testing


  • 4712530 mod: bump dependencies
  • b2b8eff Makefile: disable postgres fsync in the test container
  • 1a8954d CODEOWNERS: added package ownership for Team Integrations
  • 27191d5 mod: bump
  • d6bcde4 docs/blueprints: update automatic account freezing/unfreezing blueprint
  • 36ee168 release v1.69.0-rc


  • 746c3b2 private/multinodepb: return at_rest_total_bytes and summary_bytes for StorageUsage endpoint


  • f0ce899 satellite/metainfo: enable metainfo.multiple-versions flag by default
  • 7a2be3e private/web,satellite/console/…/consoleapi: serve rate limiting errors as JSON
  • 94dcfd7 Revert “web/satellite: allow execute permissions on wasm_exec”
  • 3501656 satellite/repair: Add flag to allow disabling reputation updates
  • 75b77d5 satellite/gc/sender: avoid sending BF to disqualified and exited nodes
  • 2442ba4 satellite/{web,console}: token links expiry changes
  • 3fe6aee satellite/analytics: Added analytics to track project members addition/deletion (#5340)
  • b5aadff web/satellite: create project passphrase modal
  • bb1e86c satellite: remove unused coinpayments code and chores
  • 54a64e1 satellite/console: remove error type for incorrect password
  • fba39b7 satellite/audit: add GetByNodeID to ReverifyQueue
  • ed0fa59 satellite/overlay: add SetNodeContained() method
  • 601874f satellite/audit: retire audit.Queues
  • 602f0cc satellite/satellitedb: add node events column last_attempted
  • b27c6dd satellite/nodeevents: add method GetByID
  • 76c22fa satellite/nodeevents: add method UpdateLastAttempted
  • 08c9d74 satellite/nodeevents: take last_attempted into account when selecting
  • f8917c4 satellite/satellitedb: generate random salt for new projects
  • 4a3c2cb satellite/nodeevents: implement nodeevents.Notifier
  • 2617925 satellite/audit: Split Reverifier from Verifier
  • d8df751 satellite/satellitedb: change reverifyQueue.Insert()
  • 9a0c2dd web/satellite: added manage passphrase modal
  • c1ed5c0 satellite/{admin,ui}: implement changes for oauth2 proxy
  • a3ff3eb satellite/nodeevents: validate emails before notifying
  • 8e030f4 satellite/accounting/tally: fix looping over all buckets
  • c6e48fb satellite/metabase/rangedloop: clarify observer docs
  • 378b891 satellite/{satellitedb,audit}: add NewContainment
  • 35f60fd satellite/audit: change signature of ReverifyPiece
  • 4544eee Revert “satellite/metainfo: enable metainfo.multiple-versions flag by default”
  • 91b5511 web/satellite: fix mobile header not visible on ios safari and chrome


  • 4fdea51 storagenode/storagenodedb: faster test db init
  • 5d956c9 Expose LOG_LEVEL env variable via Dockerfile for storagenode (#5362)
  • 7d200d3 web/storagenode: fix bandwidth graph (#5020)


  • 4df1f5b private/testplanet: add benchmark for testplanet creation
  • 8777523 private/testplanet: disable WAL for storagenodes
  • 4b72314 docs/testplan: Testplan for Storage-node Email Notification (#5338)


  • ef4b564 cmd/uplink: Update error message referring to ‘import’
  • e617db8 cmd/uplink: ability to set experimental flag from environment variable
  • b4d8cbf cmd/uplink: add options to save pprof/trace information

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