Released disk space did not project to STORJ Dashboard

I´ve had run out of space on my disk where STORJ node resides.
I have released some space there. Restarted node and wait.


Disk space on Dashboard was not changed till now.


How can I provision this change to operate satellites?

Thank you in advance


It shows the free space in your allocation, not on your disk

Hi Alexey,

Sure but should I increase my allocation?

Because let say I have 500GB disk where I allocated whole 500GB to STORJ node. However there are also other data alongside node´s data added later. Now 400GB is used by STORJ and 50GB used by other data. So Dashboard showing 50GB remaining space? If I delete those 50GB used by other data should be there 100GB remaining space right?


The dashboard should show the 100GB of available space in your allocation. But if you will have only 50GB of physical free space, it should show it.

However, in your case you have much more physical space than free space in the allocation, so it show the free space in your allocation.