Remove vetting and held amount for new nodes

The current system of vetting and held amount unfairly penalises honest but new SNOs, together with the new variable minimum payout it feels “scammy”
Instead, new nodes are given surplus pieces that are paid full storage fee and full egress fee but only get egress on repair and the failure of older reliable nodes and then get upgraded into the active list.
After some months a new node moves to reliable category and gets active pieces.
This idea tries to get rid of the high cost of repair because these non-active repair pieces from new nodes serve as a micro held amount/repair pool.


I don’t think we want to distinguish what kind of pieces go on different nodes. What you get paid for is separate from that, but I think a node should probably hold the same kind of data, and function the same, as other nodes. That makes it so the network has more to work with and there are less filters at play to determine where something should or shouldn’t go.

With v2 we had a number of issues where SNO’s would script out setups that could enable them to spin up thousands of nodes rapidly in order to gain from bonuses, and then decom them immediately when said bonuses were no longer offered. Things like this were problematic to the network’s redundancy, so many of the vetting and escrow processes are there to combat this kind of behavior. Which, so far with v3, we see very little incentive to game the system.


I imagined that it would be pretty simple to implement, just a column in the DB that says this is a held back repair piece

As for the 1000s of nodes thing…I bow to your greater expertise

thanks for the awesome information.