Restart my new my node on Ubuntu?


Need some help if I have to regenerate an identification

Created a new Ubuntu system, but had some issues with old dead harddisks - so spent a 1/2 weeks setting it up. Now it seems to be running with a stable HDD.

My node is 1rVpzaJkuiQ5LUiXEMFBEDT5zLjmC7vBvHjQHjKRLAwEh9faDV

Is it dead or will it return to glory? I see it’s close to being disqualified

Is it close to being disqualified for downtime or for failed audits?
If it’s because of failed audits, and in the context of HDD trouble, I suspect your node will die sooner or later. Keep it going until it does get disqualified and then you’ll have to restart the whole thing from scratch.

Just red numbers on specific satellites - no specific message yet. I’ll keep it running - hoping it will turn around. Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you show us your scores?

I didn’t get if you lost Storj files because of hdd issues or not. If so, it depends how many files got lost…
If you still have all stored files though, and were offline for less than a week you should be just fine.
I suspect it’s not that simple though if you have red numbers displayed :thinking:

Maybe worth having a look at your node’s logs.

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