RPI4 with extreme CPU load suddenly

rsync -aP, as mentioned in the migration howto.

I could see zero values before, when the rpi4 cpu is at 100% (as currently, running with rsync in parallel, too). the values are correct shown again, as soon as the cpu usage slows down.

my fear is, that rsync is additionally challenging the system, which is already at 100% cpu - as long as the node is online and running. suspension & audit section is completely empty.

The ago of the node is around 4-5 months.

Update : rsync will take 1-2 weeks, when the node is up and running with the SMR HDD.
Update 2: node stopped - rsync will take around 1-2 days :slight_smile:

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Finally… node is up and running on the new HDD (CMR).
Hope now, that auditing is working and not harming the node…
@deathlessdd @Alexey thank you both for your support and this experience.

how long would it take, that audits fail? the node is online since 2h30 and at 100% for the audits, and slightly below 90% for being online. @Alexey

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Please, don’t confuse the audits score and online score - if you have failed audits, your node could recover only if you actually have not lost pieces. If pieces are lost, your node can do not recover to 100% and can be disqualified.
If you mean the online score, it will recover after 30 days online.