Rsync takes really long, in SMR to CMR disk migration

Hi all,

I’m curious if anyone has any experience or advice on the following.
As advised in a previous post, I’m now trying to phase out and migrate a 2.5" USB only SMR disk into a 3.5" CMR disk in a 2-disk enclosure, with external power and usb3 connection.

The 2.5" disk is at 75% capacity which is roughly 3.5 TB.
I’m using rsync with a detached screen session to handle to data migration - as advised in the migration manual. But now I’m stuck with the following scenario:

  • Rsync took around a month to complete the original 3.1 TB. Super long.
  • Meanwhile data is still coming in and I have to rsync a few times.
  • I’m now in my 3rd or 4th rsync “session” and the duration doesn’t seem to decline. (I’m now counting the days to keep track of this)

I’m afraid that in the final stage, where I have to stop the node and run a final rsync --delete job my node will be offline for days before all the data has been processed properly. It seems that whatever the change, rsync has a lot of trouble with large amounts of data. And transferring through USB can’t help either. Let alone doing this on a SMR disk that’s also an active node.

Is the some route/way to improve this process? Or maybe consider a different approach? Thanks!