Run a node and uplink on same machine?

When I run my node and the gateway on the same machine how can I prevent that my own node get not my own data ?

I think you cant, but it will have only 1 piece of it not more.

Why do you want to prevent that if it at all happens?

It make no sense that my node get my data

It does make sense cause your the closest node to yourself, You still get paid for uploading data to your own node. The uplink doesnt know its your node its going to upload to the closest nodes that it sees.

It depend if satelite send your id to uplink, there is only 110 nodes per segment or something like that. Satelit not know how far are you from yourself node.

You don’t trust your node with your data? Hrmm… perhaps others shouldn’t either then. :wink:

I’m just kidding of course. All your pieces will still be stored with erasure coding on many nodes. Only a few of them need to be available to recover your data. So, in case that your entire system gets lost for some reason, you can still easily recover your data from other nodes.

Besides, set up a local DNS server and point your nodes domain name to your local LAN IP for super fast transfers. :wink: (yeah, joking again)

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