Run my own node and assign users to there own allocated storage space

Not sure if this is suitable or possible but i have anothet project i am involved with and seeking out of this is possible.

We have like 40,000 users who are paying for a service with us at the moment, would it be possible to assign these users there own specific storage account that they can access via our storj node or account?

Basically like there own basic ond drive for example.

Each account would have varying levels of storage.

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Hi Phinett,

I imagine, off the top of my head, you could create a bucket for each user, and apply access grants for each user to specifically have access to their own bucket.

With so many accounts, you’d probably want a way to export the billing page into a spreadsheet so you could ingest into whatever invoicing package your business uses. I’m not sure Storj has the ability to export the billing detail into a spreadsheet. (I looked, but didn’t see anything right off the bat) But I’m sure it’s something we can add at some point here if it doesn’t already exist.


Hi Phinett,
The Key Architecture Constructs page in the documentation describes how the access management constructs work and provide some background on the foundational constructs as well as how they can be used to achieve different outcomes depending on your application.

If you need more information, @Dominick is a great resource.