Running a storagenode using a tunnel

I started a storagenode at a relatives place and for reasons he can’t forward ports since he doesn’t have access to the router. So I set up a tunnel using go-http-tunnel to run all traffic via a server of mine.

Now there is an issue that after some time (about 50min) the client fails with an “too many connections on socket” error. I suppose any time a request comes a new connection is opened, but never closed.

Since the project seems to be abandoned, I’m hoping that there is go developer here who may have encountered a similar issue and could give me a hint for what I should look since I’m not a go developer.

Restarting the tunnel fixes the issue for another time window, but probably is not a sustainable solution.

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I mean using a tunnel for a node is perfectly OK.
Personally I don’t run my remote nodes in this way.
But if I was you I would investigate the possibility of using VPN

Good luck

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Yes that might be an other option, but would expect that a fix would be just one line change. Like don’t start new session on every request, but use an existing one or something like this.