Running multiple nodes from different projects

Hi All,

I recently set up my first STORJ node on a PC that is running 24/7. I was wondering: is it possible for me to also run other nodes next to the STORJ one? For example AVAX or Lightning Network nodes?

Could these nodes affect eachother in a way, or does this not matter? I am looking to maximize my PC’s efficiency.

Also: Would running multiple STORJ nodes be more profitable in comparison to other nodes? I have no experience with this whatsoever.


Provided you have enough HDD space and you’re not using the same directories for the different projects then I don’t seen why this should not be possible.
One of my Storj nodes also runs a bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and monero nodes and they all coexists happily :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks a lot. I will give it a try!

You’d have to monitor resources a bit. Storj would suffer if HDD load from other projects is high. Generally running a Storj node doesn’t have a high impact on CPU/RAM, but that can change if your HDD is slow (especially with SMR HDDs). Slow storage can lead to high CPU wait times and RAM usage. So keep that in mind.

Thanks for the reply. What would you consider ‘slow’ for a HDD? I took numerous HDD’s out of an old NAS. They have a writing speed of 5400RPM.

The PC is top notch, it’s an old Livestream PC I do not use anymore since I switched to a setup with 1 PC.

Would multiple STORJ nodes affect eachother as well?

This is not a problem as long as they are not SMR.

Barely, since the nodes on the same IP share traffic no matter how many nodes you run, they would deal with the same amount of total transfers. Running multiple nodes is only useful to share multiple HDD’s though. On the same HDD you would just be adding overhead. But on separate HDD’s the CPU and RAM overhead is minimal.