Running own Satellite

Just a question, is there any documentation on how I can run a satellite?

Have some extra time at home this Christmas, and I would like to try running my own satellite that will distribute data to my storage nodes.


User satellites are planned but not yet available. But you can create your own Storj testnet.

Ok, thanks. I’ll check it out!

Mainly, I just want to see if I can store some files and distribute them among my own nodes. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

No, you can’t. The network specifically designed against that.
It’s only possible with local isolated test network (because of number of nodes is too small).
If you want to store your data on your drives and do not need resilience and encryption - use a direct storing of your data on these drives.
Or use a Tardigrade to store you files in the network: If you would use STORJ as a payment method, you will have a 10% discount.