Salaries and SNO payouts

Why are the salaries of employees many times higher than the payment of 8000 nodes?

Because their heads contain many times more data than 8000 nodes combined?


Because right now the most important resource is probably still the people trying to make this thing happen. It’s pretty common for young businesses to spend most of their money on people. In the early days they still need to build everything to make the business happen in the first place. Then eventually with scale on both the supply and demand sides, that balance will shift.


Also SATELLITE CLOUD cost 5.3kk and ALL 8k nodes only 1.2 or so!

part of sattelite fees is trafic generation that cost lot of money.

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Probably mostly egress costs for repair, for which work is being done to offload that to much cheaper options and eventually even to storagenodes.

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I use info from Q1 (1.26) and Q2 (1.74) townhall

I will challenge you on that claim. If you’re referring to seeing more repair traffic, that’s because they are catching up on that right now. There isn’t more churn happening as far as I know. I would ask you to provide your sources for this claim?

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The amount of repairs and node churn is within our expectation. We managed to reduce the costs and we are working on additional improvements. I don’t think we need to worry about it for the moment.


You answered your own question no? Because they’re employees?!

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to be partially fair to @anon68609175, there does seem to be a massive potential saving and extra earnings for SNO’s if it was possible to generate and transmit much of the test data through the SNO’s

ofc steps toward this goal might already have been taken, and again i’m not aware if test data will be a permanent feature on the network to gauge it’s performances…

if test data is to be a permanent feature, i think it would make sense to atleast attempt a solution that makes use of the bandwidth and computer power the network already have to it’s disposable and which would also make it possible through the saving to put more profit toward SNO’s

ofc depending on various technical aspects, such a solution like SNO’s generated and transmitted test data might not be practically viable… that is not for me to say or even evaluate…:smiley:

you think it would be technically and securely viable to do SNO generated test data?

I know how I would abuse that. So no it is not securely possible.

Give me a free Tardigrade account, I can generate some test data :slight_smile:

But yeah, who can say if the data is really “test” and not something useful for me? Also, I could make sure that my own node would get more than a fair share of it.

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