SD Card not booting

Any advice on how to recover an SD card on my Pi4?
Doesn’t want to boot now for some reason…

It’s probably dead… sdcards do not like big read and writes for a long time.

I suggest only boot from sd and run your OS from a usb disk or network share from nas.

Did you try pressing shift?

Have you got any other hardware that you can use to look at the sdcard?

no will get a keyboard out and try that… only other hardware is Windows Pcs

I’m guessing that the first thing you’ll want to find is the identity. If you can read the sdcard at all.

shift did nothing…

What do you see on the screen?

this this help?

It looks like your pi is set to boot from USB. So if you can get a bootable usb set up, you get the sdcard out.
Did you backup your identity? If the only copy is on the sdcard, you may be in trouble

no defiantly from the SD card

Your sd card is dead there is no recovering less your a master solder and can use a hot blower on the memory and move it to another donor sd card.

E.g. 0xf41 means continuously trying SD card followed by USB mass storage

If you have a backup of your identity or it’s placed on the storage as recommended, then you can just try to flash this card with a latest image, then install docker and mount your drive via /etc/fstab and start the same node.
But if you do not have a backup of the identity, then you will be forced to start from scratch.

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Yes got the ID so will order a new SD card asap. Might need help copying ID over and installing docker again

I would suggest to place the identity to the disk with data - you need both anyway.
Have you tried to flash the image to that card? Sometimes they can work further.

You can (if you have a card reader) also try running into Windows with the program Paragon Linux File Systems or Disk Internals Linux File Reader to see if you can at least read the card.