September payments

Did september payments gone out yet ?

No official announcement yet, but some payments have definitely been sent. Other transactions are still pending:

yeah exactly i`m looking at the same address and saw some payments went out some hours ago but i didn’t got mine … thats why i was asking … i usually get around 100 $ so eth gas fee shouldnt pe a problem for me … but who knows this days :))))

need some patience probably :slight_smile:

Looks like costs spiked during payouts, they may have paused the script to wait for lower costs. I got my payout less than 2 hours ago for about $60 with a little over $8 transaction fee, but currently…

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Hi - If I may ask. How much space do you have filled and how long have you been a node operator to be getting 100 a month ?

Thanks for your time.

hi sir … exactly 28 months old and beetween 20-30 TB of space !
i was getting best payment on stefan-benten … since that one went down my payment got way much worse 10 month 2021-01-07 21 month 2020-02-11 28 month 2019-07-31 28 month 2019-07-31 28 month 2019-07-31 19 month 2020-04-18
stefan-benten 28 month 2019-07-31

and still didn’t got the payment from september yet :slight_smile: probably erc-20 fees to high …