Server Hosting Storj Node went down, any way to prevent disqualification?

Hi, I have been running a storj node server since the summer and it has been going very well. Unfortunately my server is at home and I am now away at college, so I don’t have physical access. Recently my server went down for an unknown reason, and I am worried about disqualification since I might not be able to fix it until thanksgiving.

I am wondering if its possible to pause my node on the network, or temporary disable it, without getting my node permanently removed from the network. All of the data should still be there, but it might be a couple weeks before I can get my node up and running.

Thanks for your help

Currently, nodes do not get paused for low uptime while our dev team works on coming up with better ways to handle reputation regarding uptime.

I know this does not help you now, but in the future if you are on windows, you can set up remote desktop connections and port forward port 3389 so you can access it from anywhere. I use it a lot to connect to my node if it is down and I can often fix it from there… Or, even better, you can set up a vpn on your router, and access your node from there (I use Open VPN as of now to access my node)

So even if my node is down for the next ~2 weeks, I will not be negatively penalized aside from having no traffic?

you will lose reputation but it will not lead to pausing the node. You can recuperate the reputation when you bring the node back online.

Please don’t give such bad advice. Setup a VPN and use remote desktop over it.


I second that and for those who don’t know want to add that this is because exposing remote desktop to the public internet is a major security concern. Especially since recently major flaws were found in the remote desktop protocol. Only use it in private networks or over VPN.