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Hello, a few days ago I mounted a node on a dedicated server (debian), only with access to ssh, I could not access the Storj control panel, asking for the forum they told me that it could only be accessed locally and that the only one solution was to make a vpn, I made the vpn but even so I cannot access neither the storj control panel nor grafana locally since grafana could access remotely (ip): 3000, but locally not …

I would like to access the storj control panel how can I do it?


Please check that your port 14002 is opened only for your VPN subnet.
At this moment, sport 14002 is closed for public network (internet).

Also, you can check that this port is listening with the command:
netstat -lnp

Even if the port 14002 is only accessible locally, a ssh tunnel port forwarding should work.

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It is not open, how can I open it?

You can use this guide, but be careful, and not open it for the whole world.

Thank you very much I was able to access (public ip): 14002

don’t open the port … use openvpn.

I use openvpn to access the server, since it could not be accessed externally

In order to reach the dashboard on another machine, the must be removed.

Alternatively, instead of OpenVPN, a reverse proxy with a password would also work.

but it is a public ip so it is NOT advised to remove!

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Correct. Therefore at least IF Public then with password. I’ve also read a few times that people just leave their dashboards open.

That’s the only tool you need. You don’t have to install VPN, reverse proxy or whatsoever, just use the ssh connection to open an SSH tunnel (with -D PORT option) and configure your browser to use your localhost:PORT as a SOCKS proxy.


Good idea! The other option is ssh tunnels.

ssh server -L 14002:localhost:14002

Would allow you too use the website localhost:14002 on your current machine and this would be tunnelled though the ssh connection.

Funfact - you can use ssh to provide a VPN -


Yes, that’s another way to accomplish the same thing.

ssh is one of the best Swiss army knife of networking.


Also much lighter than setting up openvpn just to access on local port…

+1 for using a simple SSH tunnel.

I would like to suggest to use this guide: