Set Up Your Storj Node, Earn 4x Token Payouts

Hey. I received this letter after starting the node, tell me if I will participate in this action?

Surge Payouts

Also, we’ve introduced surge payouts for a limited time. If you set up your node now, you’ll get 4X the normal payout for your participation during July, August, and September. So if you would make $4.00 a month, you’ll now make $16.00 with surge payouts.

Yes correct you’re node will participate in it.

Any storage node operators that sign up during the ongoing surge payment window will qualify for the 4x payments (or 5x if they signed up before July). However, if a storage node signs up in September, they will receive the payment for that month only. When the surge payment window ends, all storage nodes go back to normal payments. :slight_smile:

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