Setup Port Forwarding

Hello. I wanted to use Storj again but it seems there are some changes. Before, I only installed the application and ran it. I did not need to set up port forwarding. Now, I saw a notification saying “…Port Status must be green… If… uPnP…Tunnel… manually setup port forwarding.” So I searched how to open the port but upon checking, I still get result as Closed. Any tips how to open the port? I am using DLink DIR-600.

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

If you’re running v2, please know that the v2 network (StorjShare-GUI) is deprecated and is being replaced with the v3 network. You can sign up for the waitlist to become a storage node operator here:

Regarding how to forward ports, I found this resource for you and hope it helps:

v3 requires the use of docker (Windows users do have access to an early test version of the GUI client, but that is up to you if you decide to go that route) and requires TCP port 28967 to be forwarded to the machine running the Storage Node software.

I hope this information is useful to you.


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