Sharing Link Question

Hi all. I have been given a sharing link URL which works fine and if I change the number of the file at the end of the link it opens the next file in the bucket and so on. I have tried to make this work for my bucket but it does not work the same. Any ideas what is different?

The link is a standard share link from the StorJ website frontend nothing is external or hosted elsewhere or file shared. This is purely the link to the file in the bucket.


Hi @aary
If the link is created only to share a single file then that is all which will be allowed in the macaroon permissions. You would need to generate a sharing link for the bucket/prefix (i.e. folder not file) to be able to edit the link as you describe.


Hi @Stob that makes a lot of sense thank you but I could not see anywhere how to share just the bucket. All the options I have are Delete in the 3 dots.

How do I share the bucket and its contents?


Yes, the web interface is rather limited. The only way I was able to do this was using the uplink command line - share | Storj Docs


Hi @Stob I have just noticed I can upload a file or folder to the bucket. I am trying a folder now and will check out the command line you listed above also thanks.

To my knowledge only that command will do the trick. The satellite UI doesn’t allow to share a bucket or a folder. So for this feature you have to use the command line. Let us know if you need any help with that.


Hey thanks for this. I spent 3.5 hours getting it done but I finally managed it. Should have taken 5 mins but I had issues following the instructions in the StorJ docs. In the end the share bucket command in powershell worked a treat. Thanks!

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