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I am a MEGA user and now I am trying Storj.

I shared a directory (prefix or whatever) to everyone forever with uplink command line tool.
I get:

  • a sharing access to satellite
  • a huge “access” serialized string.

How can I convert all of these to a link http://whatever?

I totally not understand how share works.

Hi @nickreserved,
From my understanding it’s not possible to share a directory to an https:// link, but if you use uplink with the --url to share a single file then it should generate a URL

uplink share --url sj://bucket/prefix

We have detailed documentation on the link sharing service here. You may also be interested in our instructions for hosting a static website.


Before ask the question, I read the first link you provide.

So, it seems that I want a path-based linkshare.

I run the command:
uplink share sj://AAA/BBB --public --readonly --not-after=none

I get the:
Sharing access to satellite
Access gfedcba

The question remains the same (because first link you provide didn’t say something clear about this)
How can I give a https//??? link to my friends for the sharing content?

Add --url
You’ll get a link


It is possible. Try the same command just with sj://bucket and you will share the entire bucket. If you open the link you should see the content of the bucket inside the browser. Just be careful with sharing it. It would be better to share on a folder level in order to minimize the potential damage.

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It works perfectly!
Thank you so much!!!


Is this only possible using uplink? I mainly use the satellite web dashboard and can’t find an equivalent method.

I don’t think this has been implemented into the file browser. If you have a need for it please open a feature request. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be possible. It is more a question of priorities.

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