Short question about rights on per fstab mounted storage

Hallo all. I’ll would try to becomme a node operator :slight_smile: So my first question after i read instructions about to becomme node operator: if i create mount-point like “sudo mkdir /media/disk” or “sudo mkdir /mnt/disk” on ubuntu 22.04, should i chown -R “regular user” on it, or it is ok if the mont point belongs to root:root? Or should i make chmod “somehow” on mount-point? I think, if i ever starting docker as root (sudo), or docker autostart as service, so i can leave mount-point as it is after “sudo mkdir” and fstab “uiid… ext4 defaults 0 2” ? Best Regards.

Hi and welcome.

Docker already starts as root, to control it without sudo just add your linux user to the docker group:

sudo su
groupadd docker
usermod -aG docker **YOUR-USER-HERE**

The storj docker image run as root…so you can leave the mount point owned by root:root.
You can mount where you want, in general the /media is used for temp devices (like usb) and /mnt is used for fixed drives.

Yes, you can auto-mount with fstab and if it is a dedicated storj hard drive, you can also using noatime:
UUID=YOUR-HDD-UUID-HERE /mnt/disk ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0