Should I use two hard disk or one hard disk for Storj? i.e: one for the Storj data and other for the operating system?

My computer just crashed while I was restarting my PC after an update.
My GE progress was on. For one satellite: ie, europe west, it was about 41% completed.and the stefan-benten was only on about 10%.
Now I am on a dilemma of whether I should continue my GE or start afresh, because due to my earlier mistake of not setting the path right. My Audit never reached 1000 even in 2 to 3 months.
So, what’s the point of copying all those Storj data to the new hard drive then again run the program. Oh, by the way, if my hard disk crashed and not able to able to open the windows, can i resume the GE process from the middle?

So, now I am in a dilemma of whether I should use one hard disk to store the operating system and the Storj data on the same drive or, should I use two hard disks. I have a WD 160 GB hard drive and the other is of 2 TB from Seagate. I am planning to boot my Windows from 160 TB hard drive, and use the other one to store Storj and other data.
From my point of analysis, the pros and cons are like this,

Pros: Even in a system failure there is no hectic job to copy all those data to a new hard drive and again copy it to the same hard drive after the clean installation of windows.

Cons: I am using too much little capacity of a hard drive to install windows. There are only two slots of SATA port. So, in case, if I need larger space I need to buy a pcie SATA port multiplier.

What does your experience say on this matter? Please state on the comments below.

I use my smaller SSD for the OS and applications and all of my 10 TB hard drive is for Storj files. I don’t mind a bit of waste.

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Never use your OS drive for STORJ. It will make your OS very slow and you might get tempted to punch your PC :wink:
(might not always be a problem but during lots of traffic or routine tasks like checking all files, moving to trash, etc your HDD is going to be used 100% and then the OS becomes very slow…)

Also make sure to disable the write-cache for the storj hdd to prevent data loss when your pc crashes.

How should I do that?

Google is always your friend:

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Thanks for the intel!