Show bandwidth/disk space allocated in dashboard

Pretty easy:
let us see what we entered for max. disk space + max. bandwidth, see attached picture.

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I would like to add further
disk space


I am aware that bandwidth limitations have been removed

And I agree on the change of wording!


The Bandwidth Used block should be divided into a table listing uplink and downlink values and a total.

There are numerous SNOs with asymmetric WAN links, and it would be useful to have the separate values listed on the main page of the Dashboard.

Of course… I’m forgetting that there’s already a button to click… but alas! my steel sieve of a mind is functioning as normal.

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Last year I had suggested this but I was told this was not intuitive. I never posted it publicly so here it goes. This maybe off topic but bear with me :slight_smile:
SNOboard stats


I like it.

I don’t know about “intuitive” … there are many different kinds of minds, some will understand quicker than others… and none will understand everything at first glance.