Show current Docker run Command

Hi all
I’m not sure which docker run command is the i’m running now. Is there a pssibility to show the current run command for the currently running docker instance of storj?


You can use (assuming container name is storagenode):

docker inspect storagenode

This will give you all the information about the container, although the output is rather verbose and you will have to pick through it to find the parameters. It’s all there though.

Thanks, this should work to build the actual Docker run command. Am I right that i can stop the Container and run it with a higher Storage Value when i want to expand the Storj Node? I have extended the Disk Space in the OS. Then or do I need to change something else?

Yes, you can tell the node to use more space in this way, but you must also remove and recreate the container with the new parameters. You would need to do the following:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

docker run <modified run command>

Double check that you have the paths correct so that the node doesn’t start in the wrong directory as a fresh node.


Great… Have done :slight_smile:
Is there somethin I can check? My Node was full before and on the Dashboard I see now the new free Space. Node is online and last contact is every time “0m ago”. Is there something other i can check?

If the node is showing the free space in the CLI and/or web dashboard, you are good to go. New upload traffic would be a good indication as well. In the logs the upload lines also “Available Space:” in bytes for each “Upload Started” entry.

If you are on Linux then

cat .bash_history
nano .bash_history

might reveal the original command used. :slight_smile:


history | grep "docker run"
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