Simple questiosn about paymet

Hello, I do not understand much about cryptos, but I will try to explain my doubt.
I understand that paying node operators now is expensive because ETH is very expensive, so zkSync should be used. But I have some doubts about it

Income MARCH 40 USD

Total 3 months 100 USD

When they transfer that amount to my ETH wallet, I will receive, for example, 70 USD which would be equal to 100 USD generated in the 3 months minus 30 USD the cost of the transfer

It is right?

On the other hand, if I use zkSync, following the previous example, would 95USD reach my ETH wallet? Or should I also send from zkSync to my ETH wallet? I do not understand well, if you can explain me with an example. Thanks

When storj sends payment you would get the full amount, as long as you meet the minmial for that month. You yourself dont pay the fees storj does. This is why there is a minimal amount now.
If you were to use zkSync you would Still have to pay fees yourself from L2 back to L1.

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Thanks for your answer, so the only advantage for me of using zkSync is to be able to receive my payments on a monthly basis, but I have to pay for it to reach my ETH wallet, instead if I do nothing, I may have 1 to 2 payments a year (depending on how much my nodes generate) but I won’t have to spend anything.
If so, it has become very clear to me. Thank you!


Yes until zkSync supports L2 exchanges of storj to usd or what ever currencty you want to get paid with, then yes Its still better to wait it out to get paid rather then getting it sent to L2 and having to pay the fees sending it back to L1 then converting it to usd. But if you wanted to see money coming in every month that is the best way to do it.