Slow CPU sufficient when paired with high speed connection?

I might be able to get a cheap spot in a datacenter with at least 1Gbit connection.

Will a HP Microserver G7 with an AMD Turion II Neo N54L (2x 2.20GHz) be fast enough to make sense?

I have another PC with an Intel i5-2400, but I would prefer the lower power consumption the microserver offers…

The bottleneck isn’t the CPU on anything resembling a modern system. On mine, the storagenode process wants 5% CPU if it’s busy, and that’s on a 4-core 2GHz Xeon.

More interesting is the disk speed and the network bandwidth. You don’t earn money when the client already has their file when you get around to serving your chunk AFAIK. Thus you should have enough RAM to keep the “hot” parts of the database in core and a quick disk to load the files.

Thus I would allocate 200 MHz of CPU plus 200 MByte of RAM for each TByte served. External bandwidth can’t be high enough. My system has reasonably fast disks and 10GBit all the way, but I still get lots of cancelled uploads – a tenth of a second after they’re started.

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I would say that none of the hardware is so important as a distance to the client and wish of said client to use the network.


I think this is due to the change they made to uplinks, they close the connection immediately to remove some overhead. These messages should get changed with upcoming updates.

Hardware wise that is the best quality/price solution.
I have 2 running, N54L and N40L and I’m super happy with the performance.

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That was what I wanted to hear :wink:

Too sad I just recently sold my N40L

I have I5 and 5 node+1 OS hdd on that, only 75-80W power.

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I’m on RPi 4B and its poor little ARM processor may become the bottleneck one day considering queries have already pushed it to 130+% out of 400% (it has 4 cores), and we’re only in the early days of Storj v3 :sweat_smile:

Ha ha. I feel like I’m not playing in the same league, lol.
It does consume very little power though: 260wh per day :slight_smile:

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I am in the very sophisticated situation of not having to pay energy costs at any of my node locations :slight_smile:

I envy you… must be nice

Then why don’t you mine ETH or similar?

Because I don’t wanna go crazy and abuse the kindness of my surroundings :slight_smile:

I did GPU-mine quite a bit back when I was paying for my electricy though.

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No kidding? Oh boy. That’s so cool! I’m jealous :grinning:

It’s possible, if you have enough sun, wind or running water:

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Impressive article :+1:

There’s a little mistake in the text. There they talk about solar. What is meant, however, is photovoltaics.

yes but that is an established expression (broad used).