Snail starting for new node

Hi all

I just started my node on a synology DS412+ and 4 1To disks in RAID 5 ( 2.5To in use) with docker and the latest version of storagenode v1.25.2.
Since monday (100h of working), i only had 6.5 G of bandwith use and 232.62GB*h disk space use, storage in use is 6.3Go, all satellites are ok…

I think it is super slow :woozy_face: :snail: :snail:
Is it normal ?

Thanks for yours replies and ideas.

Hey @slylemeur and welcome!

New nodes are in vetting stage for some time, so they usually get less data than older ones.
Also, data ingress is kind of slow these days.

Have a look at the following to have an idea on what to expect (copy it in your Google account, then fill in your numbers):

Hello @Pac

Thanks for the update. So this is long term … i 'll be patient.

Have a nice day


I have an 8 month old Synology node with 24TBs set up for it to share out…I’m almost up to 2TB of data filled up. Almost. Making nearly enough to cover power on the node. Hoping this takes off and I can actually host some data and get more traffic, I have a Gigabit connection with very low latency.

Kind of let down by the amount of customers on the network so far. :frowning:

I Hope i fill up faster, 2TB on 8 mounth its not so much, i got 1000/500 mbit to and have around 40-50TB space free, just added 20TB for now.

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