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I think it would be beneficial to many to have a notification system in place for when payouts are complete. This would help those looking to sell tokens immediately to do so in order to avoid price volatility. At the very least an email would be great, however additional options would be even better such as using something like this to integrate with many apps.

Maybe node configs could incorporate options for adding account details for the method you wish to use to be notified. This could also be great for general notifications for other purposes as well.

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You can enable email notifications about payments through Etherscan.


Good to know, thanks! I was not aware of that. Of course I’ve never actually created an account on there either.

MEW wallet has notifications too.


Has anyone found a way to get notified for zksync transfers too?


If you want to sell it rightaway, why don’t you use the wallet from the exchange? I think all exchanges send notifications when you receive founds.

I’m not looking to. I’ve just seen multiple people mention wanting some sort of notifiation so I figured I’d make a thread for it. As much as I think it would be a nice feature, I personally don’t really care. I never sell right away.

StorjDashboard can that :wink:


Tried checking out your dashboard but not getting the verification email.

Also, on your stats page… the free space shown is the free space multiplied by all 6 satellites.

I have only answered the question :slight_smile:
If you have questions about the service, please use this topic:

Nope. Was just pointing out a couple issues… don’t really have any questions so uhh… just forget I said anything then I guess.

Thanks, I’ve looked at that a while ago, but wasn’t really happy about how it was set up to work. Might look into it again, but it seems like a bit of a bloated solution to just get a notification.

Just fill out what you see on the picture, more is not necessary for the notification :wink:

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Did you develop this dashboard ?

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No, its from @ItsHass

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I will look into this! - Thanks for noticing

If you still having issues getting registered - PM me


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