SNOboard doesn't work in IE (which is OK)

The new SNOboard doesn’t work under IE11. The page loads but doesn’t show any data. I don’t think it’s an error, though. However, the documentation could list supported browsers. Under Windows Server, IE11 is the only browser available by default, so it takes a while for you to figure out what’s wrong.

Personally I won’t use IE even if my life depended on it. I also agree SNOboard doesn’t work in IE. It works perfect in Chrome & Firefox (haven’t tested it on any other browsers yet)

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IMO IE11 is Legacy and is End-of-life. Edge is the new Microsoft supported browser.


Surprisingly, IE11 is the default and only browser installed with Windows Server 2019. There is no EDGE on WS2019 by default (!!). Is this crazy? Yes, it is.

That is interesting! For best security practices, you should try to avoid browsing the web on a server.

can someone post a link to the new snoboard site?

@dragonhogan You add -p to your run command and then use your browser to that location

You can read about it here Storage node dashboard API