So my node is down again

I get my node running using the .msi GUI installer and it works fine. I come home after work to check it and it is offline, so I uninstall and reinstall using the .msi GUI program again. The port is open 28967. It keeps disconnnecting for some reason. Any ideas?


Quick Guess would be firewall, router or gateway/modem

My firewall for some reason arbitrarily stops programs from using their required ports then just as suddenly allows them. Microsoft must have bought the company ā€¦ windows likes to restart when Iā€™m not looking to update itself too.

Did you forward port on the firewall or use uPNP?

the UPnP does not supported by v3 beta

I appreciate the help. It was the firewall. I was about ready to break out my computer repair hammer when I figured out. Thx