[solved] Node offline! because conecting by LAN?

my node is offline, and dont now why?
i´ve changed from wifi to LAN this morning at 12:20
after that the node appeared to be online, but the logs shows no activity
now it´s not, don´t now whay

i will appreciate any help

Follow this checklist to see if it resolves your issue.

thanks, the port it´s open.

i´ve restarted the service (windows gui intallation) and now the node is online, but only if i put the wifi on. Does it make sense??

ok! i got it. The pc has an private IP on the LAN, an other in the WIFI.

SO… thanks

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What? I didn’t understand, but thanks for posting

He mean that he should update the IP in the port forwarding rule, since his LAN has a different IP rather than WiFi.

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a could be. I guessed it was just dhcp and would make sense. just wanted to know as thats not a good idea

thanks. Yes, it´s as Alexey says.

I had a reserved IP for my PC. But it has a MAC for the wifi adapter, and other MAC for the LAN connection. I didn´t knew that, so when I turned off the wifi, I lost the port forwarding.
Just adjusted a new reserved IP for the Ethernet MAC and adjusted the port forwarding.

One more thing I´ve learned. I just panicked a bit. I think I´ve been 2-3 hours offline, Luckly I realized it on time.

By the way. Is there some way to know how much time offline has you spent?
And, those 5 hours of grace, how is the count done? By calendar month I guess, or from the day the node started.
So first day of june i can count in other 5h to maintenance?

There is no way to check how much time you node were offline if you didn’t use the monitoring solutions such as uptimerobot.com
If the requirements would not change - calendar month and yes, in the next month you are allowed to be offline not more than 5 hours.

Small typo in the url. Just to be sure, that’s supposed to be uptimerobot.com

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