Some potentially conflicting statements on the storj website (backups and pricing)


It has been a long time since I have been involved in Storj. I just popped back to have a look at how it is doing and to potentially start getting involved again (A long time back I wrote the first Java client for Storj when it was new).

Having a look through the site I saw a couple of things worth mentioning.

On this page: Backups


Files are downloaded on demand using multi-layered parallelism (pulling from multiple Nodes around the globe)—this provides low latency, and higher throughput ensuring higher RTO and RPO.

RTO = Recovery Time Objective, the time it takes to restore service
RPO = Recovery Point Objective, a measurement in time of how much data you can accept to lose in the case of a disaster.

These are not things you would want to ensure are higher. You want them to be lower. Higher means you lose more data and it takes longer to recover.

On Economics:

Storj DCS lowers storage and egress costs by at least 80%, and significantly reduces TCO

TCO = Total Cost of Ownership. It’s a bad thing, again so we want it low. This is correct on this page. However, go to the pricing page here and you get the statement:

Storing more than 25TB? You can save at least 80% and maximize TCO when you store on the decentralized cloud

No thanks! I don’t want to maximise my total cost of ownership!


Good finds.
If you want to keep using positive sounding words you could use better instead of higher and optimize instead of maximize.


Hi, nice to see you’re back @NutterzUK ! Thanks for the suggestions to improve wording on our website. I have forwarded your comments to our user growth team and they will follow up on this asap. We appreciate your attention to detail, and are always glad to have our community members point out ways we can improve! :smiling_face:


Hey NutterzUK, welcome back. You helped me with your Java client when I was working on the .NET tools I was using to interface with the API. Good to see you. Storj has changed quite a bit from v2 to v3. I think you’ll like the changes.


Thanks. Good to see you. Back in those days we had slack; is there something similar to that for developer chit chat still running?

I’d be keen to start to get back in to the community a bit again - I still find the project fascinating and am looking for something to get back in to.

We now uses forum for discussions. It can work as a chat in a real time, but have much more improvements above chats - separate discussions, links, Community moderation and much more.