Someone try get in system

Hey guys. sorry for this post mby in not right place. but i wanna warn you… there in storj community are scammers,hackers… or just say thieves in picture u can see… someone trying to connect to my server and its not 1 or 2 try to get in system… but now 20 new ip. from diferent world.
wtf? and funniest its starts from yesterday.when i make a node for storj.

This is very common on any server that has anything exposed to the internet.
First off, never expose ssh to the public internet, it’s asking for trouble. If you want to do remote management, set up a secure vpn and use ssh over that.
Second, use long random passwords or certificate authentication for both vpn and ssh.
And it looks like you’ve already taken care of auto block.

To be honest, while storj may have been the reason your IP got “found”, this is not really related to storj. Expose anything to the internet and you’re a target for automated scripts. With good security hygiene it’s not really a problem.


^ On top of that you should activate Fail2ban

I see you’re using QNAP. I’d recommend what Bright suggest as well. But here’s QNAP official response:

sorry wrong… im not using qnap. but i change some security level to higher… and now all ok. no more attacks

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