Split earnings for multiple nodes

Hello :slight_smile:
I have multiple nodes at friends home, because they dont have the skills.
At the moment the payouts for most nodes go to different wallets.
However, I usually make the payout for all of them at the same time to an exchange. The fees are of course very high per wallet and I wonder if I can not change all nodes to one wallet?
So yes technically this is possible, but how do I monitor which node was paid out with how many Storj?
In the nodes themselves I see only a USD value, which changes constantly and is rather bad for the allocation.

It would be a pain to do, But you would have to check each storagenode dashboard and convert the amount at the time of payout to figure exactly what the amount was. Then compare the value to the market value of time of payout.

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Thank you. Yes thats an option. The math is really pain, but to safe transaction fees I think it is worth it. For sure its not 100% exact.
Maybe Storj could send reports in future for the payout…

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Why not a spreadsheet with a few formula for the math, copy & paste the USD values from the dashboard(s) and the STORJ number from Etherscan into the sheet?
Transaction, deposit and trading fees and similar expenses could also be part of the sheet.

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If you haven’t already then you can enable the zksync wallet feature to pay to a layer2 wallet, where the fee is much lower.

Because the transfer to L1 costs to much?

My opinion about zksync:


  • Very low transaction fees compared to L1
  • Payout every month


  • ‘One Time Activation’ fee, roughly half of the ERC20 fee
  • Currently no exchanges with support for zksync available, so for cash out in fiat money a transfer to L1 is needed with ERC20 fee (could be paid in STORJ)
  • While waiting for low ERC20 fees for a transfer the value of STORJ could drop significantly

Here’s a quick spreadsheet I threw together waiting for the Christmas dinner to be ready :laughing:

It’s very possible I made mistakes so let me know and I’ll fix them.
However you’ll have to download the spreadsheet so play around with it, I didn’t feel like giving edit rights to everyone.

Happy holidays to everyone !

The STORJ token price seems is wrong

It’s calculated dividing the expected payout in usd according to the dashboard by the received amount of storj so will be different every month.
I put in random numbers just to check that the math is working.