Starting Over with v3


Is there a way to start over with a new node? I have an existing node but I think its corrupted because I ran out of space.


Check your logs. What does it say ? What does your dashboard say about your audit score?

Well I am no longer able to start my node because I ran out of space. I did not allocate up to 90% so I think I overused my node. Now I can’t start it because the minimum space required to start the node is 500GB and I have 30GB left on the drive. I was able to move other files to another drive to clear up space, and can start the node but it shows that I have 1.5TB free when in fact there was around 500GB left. Its not recognizing the taken up space (this is due to a bug in the current version I am told).

So I am kind of stuck…

If you have a free space of 500GB, then you should be able to start a node.
If not, then you can uncomment option storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space: in the configuration file and specify your available free space, save the configuration and restart the node.

Thanks Alexey but I am concerned that my node will get filled up again and I will run out of space and corrupt my node. My console is showing that I have 1.5TB left but I have 100GB left. Should I reduce the space allocation to only 100GB for now until the bug is fixed?

Yes, reduce the allocation to that amount too

OK great thanks that works

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