Stefan Benten Satellite vetting slow

I am vetted on all other satellites except 118UWp stefan-benten, why is auditing/vetting so slow compared to the other satellites?

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It has much more data than other satelites, so it makes audit with same speed, so each node get smaller amount of audits.

Does this mean that when there are tons of files and clients, vetting might take months and months to complete?
I’m not sure new SNOs will want to join the party if it takes 2 years to receive normal bandwidth.

Hopefully it’s something that may get fine tuned in the future? :slightly_smiling_face:

my last node got vetted in just under a month on that satellite

The vetting process should take at least a month for the one node. If you have more than a one node - you should multiple that time to number of nodes.

I just got 1 audit per week on Stefan’s satellite, if it continues like that it will take about a year to get vetted

The amount of audits scales with the amount of data you have, so it speeds up over time.

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No more positive audits at “”.
I’m 100 years old until my server is fully qualified …


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I believe that it is a problem at the moment, but it is not very interesting at the moment and therefore no solution is being worked on

Heres the thing stefans satellite isnt going to be an offical satellite in production I believe its only for testing purpose, I could be wrong though but Im pretty sure it wont be there once production starts.

stefenbenten hah moch more information on our nodes than other sattelites, so every node has litle part, but audit speed is limited, so more info more time to audit.

It will be around as the first community satellite