Still waiting for auth token

Hi there , i 'm still waiting for my auth token after getting disqualified for unknown reason. There is a faster way to get a new token instead of waiting in the list? if You really need nodes why we have to wait so long?

Hello @erosfabbri,
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Please, send a support request to the from the address of subscription.
Also, if you have a backup of the identity of your paused node, it could be possible to reinstate it.
If you have it - please, send another ticket with your NodeID and full docker run command

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If you still have kept the data from disqualified id maybe your old ID can be reinstated. Do give all the above info as requested and best of luck.

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@Alexey i have only the Identity backup , should I post it here’

Never share your identity files publicly someone could use it to impersonate your node. There is no need to ever share the files, just your node ID as shown on the dashboard. But to get it reinstated you have to email support as mentioned.

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Does it mean you have deleted the stored data from your disqualified node ?

yes , deleted everything (only identity has a backup)

Then your old node can’t be restored. You would have to start with new node by signing up to the waitlist. Make sure you fix the issue that got your node in trouble previously. Support can help you find out what had happened with your old node.

i signed up to the waitlist on August 25th but still waiting @nerdatwork

It’s waitlist :slight_smile: Did you email support as asked above ?

I thought that i could write only to ask for reinstate my node. Now i submitted a support request for a new token.

You don’t have to email support to get new token. New invites are sent in batches so wait patiently. Rather you should ask support on what went wrong with your old node so you can avoid doing the same mistake with your new node.

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