Still worthwhile to start a new node?

is it still worth the time and effort to start a new node?

Why do you think it’s not? :slight_smile:

A few hypotheses:

  1. it takes long to be vetted, with low traffic it can take even longer

  2. egress traffic has been really low in the past half a year or so

  3. maybe there are already too many nodes in the network?

  4. if there is no increase in customer demand and/or test traffic it will be really hard to make some money?


Considering the actual work time needed to set up a node is 1h max (for new users), yes, most likely.

If you plan to run the node for a year or longer. Yes. It’s worth it. It just takes a bit of time for it to become profitable.

Use this for reference of what to expect: Realistic earnings estimator


Hi so this is experience thus far but. I currently run 7 Mature nodes and now 1 Brand new one.

From the trend of the past year and half I determined that what most likely will happen it takes between 9-12months to get a so what profitable node at least for me

But don’t look at it as a money making stream. Look at it as if you are supporting project. The reason I can have 8 Nodes is because they are running on hardware that would be online anyways

So the answer is depends on your case but if you want to support the project than yes


Alright, just started a new node, it seems to take forever to get some significant ingress, I will keep you posted on how long the vetting process will take

24 hours later, only 500 MB ingress, this will take a lot of time to vet it seems, see also

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I lost my old node but now that’s low ingress and a lot of deletes than last years.
I have 750GB from 10.08.2021 to now. You can calculate from Realistic earnings estimator by BrightSilence.

very slow, 72 hours only ONE audit from us2, I wonder how long vetting will take…

Please keep in mind that it is a non-linear process, the first audit takes by far the longest and it speeds up over time.

@BrightSilence sure, I know, but other are reporting like 2-3 months vetting process, that is a long time; we shall see if things speed up, I will report back from time to time…

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