Storage drive health status as part of dashboard

it’s a security measure, ofc most RAID controllers will allow access to the drives for those needing that… but you don’t want everyone just able to easily go in an affect the drives, which is why they are shielded / packed into a virtual drive…

however one can usually request direct drive access atleast to smart data
(not aware how extensive one can go… but most likely a lot)
so that one can check out the disks individually, but if one can change stuff on them, then it becomes really dangerous really fast, but i’m not well versed in what this actually allows…

basically one sends a request to the raid controller which then asks the individual disk for the information… fairly advanced raid stuff… atleast to me… took a very long time of tinkering before i even found out it was possible.

Right, there are those tools, what I don’t know is if from the storj software I could execute all those commands to make the necessary checks of the disks. I am not an expert, I am only talking about the third party software solution for checking the disks.

Storagenode itself should not do anything not directly related to operating on storj network. There are plenty monitoring tools available for different OSes already, no reason to reinvent them.


I’m just going to link this here, because I think it’s relevant.

Specifically the part about “Do one thing and do it well”.

SMART seems to be a fairly standard set of measurements, until you get into the different setups a node can run on. Single disks, RAID with software or hardware controllers, ZFS, iSCSI in which case the HDD’s aren’t even local at all. And when do you show the HDD as healthy? SMART monitoring is only useful if there is also SMART testing done every once in a while, so now we need that included as well? Is Storj ever going to be the best solution for any of that stuff? Of course not, because it’s not their specialty. So yeah, do one thing and do it well and use best of breed solutions for other stuff.