Storage Node new setup - Wrong total space

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The network attached drives are not supported and not recommended. It could work, but will die sooner or later. The problem related to the lock mechanism implementation. In Linux it’s made in a wrong way even for NFS (I’m not telling about SMB implementation, it’s even worse), thus you will have a lot of issues starting from corrupted SQLite databases, not finishing uploads, overusage of your RAM and ending with losing files.
You can take a look on these topics: Topics tagged nfs, Topics tagged smb
The only working protocol is iSCSI, but even then your node would loose race for pieces to nodes with local attached drives due to latency. And higher RAM usage will be your friend anyway.

Surprisingly on Windows the SMB working better but only if SMB server is Windows too, however all other problems with latency, potential lose of files and high RAM usage will be still there. The NFS port on Windows is working as bad as on Linux though (maybe because the NFS server usually Linux, we have no reports from users, who tried Windows NFS server)