Storage Utilization oscillating on dasboard

I’m running a docker node since late Feb (now v1.1.1). This month the 2TB node (more free space on the underlying disk, of course) started to fill up, hit capacity around the 16th (down to 5GB free, bounced up to 150GB, now around 90). At full capacity, the utilization graph should be about horizontal at 48TB*h per day, but it’s oscillating up and down like mad, as you can see from the attached screen grab.

I checked the logs with the successrate script, no failed audits or anything else that seems worrisome. Anything I should be worried about? I did some searches, but didn’t see anyone else reporting this problem.

The TB*h value is not accurate. It is updated rarely and it seems that it is not updated at the end of the day (where GB*h would be maximum for the day)

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It is because it is wrong: