Storage vs Bandwith

Hello Everyone,

I have a quick question, why does my system say its using 32GB of space but has only had 2.5GB of traffic?


That’s GB*h, not GB. It means GB multiplied by the number of hours stored. So 1 GB stored for a day would be 24GB*h.


what was the question? thx

Isn’t GB*h just a useless statistic? Wondering if replacing it with Average Disk Space used per month would be better since that directly correlates to our payout.

Why is it useless? You get paid $1.50 per TB*m. This unit has always been used.


Correct, TB*m is used for payout. Not TB*h, which is the one shown on the dashboard that is confusing people.

But this still one question. How storj calculated hours in month. Is it fixed average value say 730 or real value. My calcs with real value does not fit with storj calculations.

I would have to agree with litori, if its not used for anything why have it there, its just confusing. A simple circular total space and a split liner ingress and egress bar graph would be more beneficial.

It is used for payouts. TB*m is terabyte minute, not used anywhere here.

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Per month :slight_smile:
Yes it used directly in calculations our earnings. You right it is most significally number after egress.

I believe so. Calculating with the actual number of hours per month leads to bigger differences with the Storj calculation. Using 730 hours gets close to the same values (though not exactly).

Okay, so just I and everyone else reading this later has the answer.

From what I am reading, if I store 1TB for a month, 720h, then the resulting number would be 720TBH and the pay out would be 720TBH x $1.50 = $1080?

Because the payout calculator on the website says nothing close to that amount.

The payout is $1.5 per TBM and not TBH, so for 720TBH you get $1.5

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Okay, That is what I thought, so I am back to the original question, what is the TB*H for, it seems useless to me. How is it used in the calculation of the payouts.

Why do you call it “useless”? Would you call either km or m useless?

Because its like having a cup holder in the trunk of a car, sure its nice, but who will ever use it? An in the literal meaning of the word unless it has no useful purpose so far.

Every hour a snapshot is taken of how much data is in use. The TBh is simply the sum of all those snapshots. I believe Storj simply divides by 730 to get to TBm and then multiplies by 1.5 to get the payout amount. Does that help?

TB*M obviously has a usage.
Therefore TBh does too because it is just like GB and TB. Sometimes you use TB and sometimes GB. Neither makes the other useless.

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