Storagenode autostart windows


Is there a way to automatically start storagenode after the computer start ? (I mean electrically start, not reboot)
If I reboot (windows reboot), it auto starts perfectly

But if I shutdown the computer, wait 30sec, and then restart it, It doesnt start and have to do it manually.
I didnt succeed to do it with the windows task scheduler… If someone could give me a little help with that

Thank you

you need to setup it in bios, that pc always ON.

I think you didnt understand my issue :joy:

  1. How long did you wait after booting up before you decided “it does not start”?
  2. Are you using a really slow boot drive?
  3. in the services tab, is the Storagenode v3 service set to “start automatically” or “delayed autostart”?

Please, do this, it should help:


1: about 1min, everything else started since a while since I have a SSD
2: SSD
3: It was indeed “delayed autostart”… I’ve switched it to “auto” but still doesnt work :frowning:

Had a success return with your command, but still doesnt start when computer starts…

I finally succeed with the task scheduler, works now, not the way I wanted, but it works.

Thank you

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