Storagenode dashboard fast today

Is it my imagination or is the dashboard 100% faster today?
Month rollover?

Define faster :slight_smile:

Yesterday, page at port localhost:14002 took 4 seconds to load in chrome , today 2 seconds.

Its probably something to do with the month of Feb. :heart: is in the air. It’s your node’s way of saying ‘it’ :slight_smile:


It’s OK, it turns out that the internet is just better after BREXIT!

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I like how BREXIT affects storage in EU :nerd_face:

I think the reason is just @stefanbenten turned off tests, and as dashboaerd DB is on node hdd, it just has more resources to respond faster.


The reason might be simply that the database queries are a lot faster if you only have to query one day instead of an entire month. So with each day during a month the queries will take longer.