Storagenode service stops immediately


I received multiple notifications on the dashboard that I need to update my node to version 1.1.1.
So I read that one just needs to restart the services on Windows 10. So I did.
However, now the storagenode service just won’t start.
I restarted the computer, tried starting it manually many times.
I there anything I can do to troubleshoot and fix it?
I wonder if now it will be disqualified as it has been down for hours.

UPD. Sorry for premature request. Some googling led to printing out the logs and it turns out that my computer was not synchronized with a time server. Windows 10 keeps surprising me. So I installed NetTime and forced synchronization. Node runs now ^^.


good job.
the time has to be very accurate, net time is great because windows doesn’t set the clock that accurately