Storagenode updater linux

I noticed a very important fact!
Updates for lux users through the watch-over come out with a huge delay, up to 8 days (1.17.4), at the moment, (v1.18.1) is already available for 5 days.
Because of this, the traffic on the nodes, as soon as they are updated, goes normal, if there is a week of delay, it drops to 0.
No update instructions

This is not an instruction, but a set of symbols without explanation in bird language!

Thus, Windows users get more earnings and all the benefits in general. their update is easy!
The administration’s assurances that the traffic does not depend on the version is not true. Once again, I repeat everything on the scraps, 1.17.4 was delayed, there was almost no traffic for two weeks, it was just updated, there is good traffic for a week, now a new update has already been released, there is no repository, and the traffic has dropped sharply.

Any evidence of the info you described?
If this is really true there is a big issue in the network. If data/bandwidth usage drop on older nodes it means the whole network will be unstable. And this needs to be fix ASAP.

This is absolutely false. The only time a node stops getting traffic is when the node is a few versions behind.
You should get facts straight have some proof before posting.
I have both 1.17 an 1.18 version nodes an they both recive the same amount of data.
If you were running version 1.14 yea you won’t be getting new data.
The fact there is a delay between updates is so the entire network doesn’t go offline at the same time.


You are completely wrong. These updates aren’t like mining updates where you get X % of increment if you update your software. This is used by real users hence nobody can predict bandwidth usage.

If your node is 2 minor versions behind the latest released version then your node will stop receiving ingress which is why watchtower is highly encouraged for auto-updates.

This is intentional to make sure not all nodes go down for update leaving the network unstable. The term here is ‘rolling updates’. Docker nodes are updated few days after GUI nodes.

Even though I am a Windows “die hard” fan you are wrong again. Why would Storj give Windows user edge over Linux users ? You can check the code if you don’t believe any of us.

This is a mere coincidence. Storj isn’t mining to expect steady flow of traffic.


I judge by my earnings and inbound and outbound traffic.Between periods when I expect. update, and can not install, and when windows users can do it in 1 click.

Id like to see some proof please kthx

Here is one node that just updated to 1.18

Heres proof that it updated…

A node that has been version 1.18 since it released

I don’t see any spike in ingress do you?

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Well, you’re just wrong. The traffic is the same as long as you’re not 2 versions behind. End of story.