Storagenode version and running version popup differ

UI bug ? running the old version ? running the new one ? how do I really know ?

It´s called minimum version, where is the problem? :thinking:


The wording is a bit confusing. It looks like you are running both versions.
Maybe they should spell it something like “minimal allowed version:” or something…

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Do you not see the exact same text in the tooltip ?

Nodes should be running on minimal allowed version to get ingress. Your current version is shown under “Version”.

Created a change to fix the wording, so it’ll come in some future version.

But yes, it should say something like “Your node is up to date. Current minimum version: v1.105.4”.


no, it’s not exactly the same and that is the point.
It says in the stat box the version running is 1.107.3
The tooltip says “running the minimal allowed version 1.105.4”

thank you, that is much more clear.

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